IIM Case analysis case study

Case analysis is one of the hurdle to be tackled in second stage of the admission process for MBA in IIM after CAT exam, IIM-A, L being significant one.
Skills for case study
A case study, just like a group discussion, is designed to assess certain group performance skills of a individual.The difference stems from the fact that a case study a larger & slightly different skill set as compared to a normal group discussion. The following is a list of special traits, which a evaluator look while assessing a IIM aspirant.

1. Analytical Skills
The core competence of an MBA is analysis of situation breaking down data, formulating it into a pattern that makes sense & deriving a sensible conclusion or recommendation. You should display this skil through efficient, targeted & accurate piecing together of the data while wrestling the group towards a solution to the case. After self analysis you should clearly & logically present the findings & recommendaions for the group to discuss further.
2.Quantitative Skills
Some case studies involve working with numbers to reach an effective solution. In that situation, a quick on the side of rough sheet enables you to present relevant figures for the group stands in a very good light with evaluator.
3. Flexibility
This refers to the ability of the candidate to consider the opposing oint of view in light of facts/figures presented in the case. There is no singal solution to the case & thus a flexible candidate should not leave out good options on his analysis even if they were presented with an opposing point of view.
4. Leadership Skills
Leadership is demonstrated by taking charge of the discussion & trying to achieve a consensus solution. This consensus solution need not to be best one according to you; instead it should aim to incorporate all the viewpoints.
5. Presentation/ Communication Skills
Like a GD, effective communication forms an integral part of a case study too. The skills tested are articulation in presentation, fluancy, body language, eye contact, coherence. Remember: when you are speaking, slow down & smile. It is always better to take a very small pause rather than babble.
6. Behavioural/ Personality traits
The personality traits being evaluated are attitude, controlled aggression, team membership, patience, amenability & assertiveness.
7.Goal orientation
This parameter is avalutaed through the candidate's willingness to arrive at a solution & intelligent use of others content.
8. Confidence
Last but not the least, the level of the confidence, proactiveness & action orientation form an important part of candidate's evaluation.


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