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IIM Case analysis case study

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Case analysis is one of the hurdle to be tackled in second stage of the admission process for MBA in IIM after CAT exam, IIM-A, L being significant one.
Skills for case study
A case study, just like a group discussion, is designed to assess certain group performance skills of a individual.The difference stems from the fact that a case study a larger & slightly different skill set as compared to a normal group discussion. The following is a list of special traits, which a evaluator look while assessing a IIM aspirant.

1. Analytical Skills
The core competence of an MBA is analysis of situation breaking down data, formulating it into a pattern that makes sense & deriving a sensible conclusion or recommendation. You should display this skil through efficient, targeted & accurate piecing together of the data while wrestling the group towards a solution to the case. After self analysis you should clearly & logically present the findings & recommendai…