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English Vocab Game

Friends we will start some kinda of english vocab game. English vocab is very important in CAT exam. Many of aspirants scored 100% in maths but 0 in english. So make your vocab grow. Here I will post some words & their meaning, but the last 3 words are not with meaning. One of reader give their meanings in comments & ask another three words. Likewise other person should give meaning & ask some words.
Referendum:- vote
incumbent:- officeholder
temporal:- for a limited time.
give meanings of
1. rapacious

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Some sample GDs with arguments & counter arguments

Then friends, are trying hard for CAT or not? I am giving away lots of tips for cat which I know & read in various books. In this article we will take a GD topic, I will give arguments & counter arguments, you think over it, if you do have some points just tell me in comments, justify your points & if you want me to reply you leave back your email id.
A good discussion will try to arrive at a solution thet shows balance. You need to demonstrate your understanding of the issue from more than one perspective alone. The conclusion at the end should indicate a filtration of more relevant issues & recommendation for policies/ changes that can be made in current system.

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Tip to increase scope of your thinking:
Read a lot is only mantra to improve knowledge, speed of reading, understanding & interpreting given passage. Reading books will help you to get writers views, perceptions, thinking. But when you read a novel don't just read it for sake of …

Hey come back with maths