Some random PI questions

Interview lasted for approximately 25 min.
1. What is your mother?
2. What are your subjects in graduation?
3. What is Management Accountancy?
4. What is GDP of India? (Convert it in rupees)?
5. What is mean, median, mode?
6. What are measures of dispersion?
7. Is "Range" a measure of dispersion?
8. Name three people (famous ticket collectors) in sports? (This student was working as a ticket collector in Indian Railways at the time of this interview)
9. Define variable cost in Accounts and Economics.

1. Which Mughal attacked Hyderabad?
2. What is unique about the Salarjung Museum?
3. Looking at the way names of places are being changed, suggest a name for Hyderabad.
4. You are planning to leave your course half way through and join IIMA, what is the guarantee that you would not leave I IIMA? (the student was already doing MBA from Osmania University at the time of the interview)
5. What is this 'Management institute in Hyderabad' you've written here? Why did you leave it?
6. Did you get any calls in CAT '94 or CAT '95?
7. Do you consider yourself to be a Hyderabadi? Tell us some general characteristics of Hyderabadis?
8. Tell us about the food, culture, some samples or examples of Hyderabadi language.
9. Tell us about the Golconda. When does it date back to?
10. Tell us about the history of Hyderabad.
11. What did the Nizam (contribute) give to Hyderabad or to the country?
12. Can you name a few prominent Hyderabadis in sports and films.
13. Are you comfortable in your academics.
14. Which subject are you comfortable in?
15. What is consumer behavior ?
16. Do you know about a well known book on consumer behavior some 20 years back?
17. How can you classify advertising?
18. Who protects consumers from misleading advertisements?
19. Name any four ads you know. Classify them. In the light of this, do you think the classification you have given is valid?
20. Can advertisers target their competitors directly?
21. Can you give instances of such direct attacks?
22. On what kind of products are the margins that can be charged low?
1. Why PGDCM?
2. If you are so interested in computers, tell us a few areas in which computers are used in Mechanical Engineering?
3. Specific examples?
4. Explain the procedure of designing a heat exchanger using CAD/CAM. What are the Input parameters and output p Parameters?
5. In welding, give specific example where computers are used?
6. In FORTRAN, how are nested DO loops work?
7. Which area in mathematics do you like? OR?
8. Write an LP problem? Produce a graphical solution. Why is it called an LP?
9. Write down Baye's theorem. Difference between conditional and joint probability?
10. You have not mentioned hobbies/extracurricular activities in your application form. What do you do in your free time?
11. Give two strengths and two weaknesses.


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