PGDCM PI questions asked in IIM

1. Why PGDCM?
2. If you are so interested in computers, tell us a few areas in which computers are used in Mechanical Engineering?
3. Specific examples?
4. Explain the procedure of designing a heat exchanger using CAD/CAM. What are the Input parameters and output p Parameters?
5. In welding, give specific example where computers are used?
6. In FORTRAN, how are nested DO loops work?
7. Which area in mathematics do you like? OR?
8. Write an LP problem? Produce a graphical solution. Why is it called an LP?
9. Write down Baye's theorem. Difference between conditional and joint probability?
10. You have not mentioned hobbies/extracurricular activities in your application form. What do you do in your free time?
11. Give two strengths and two weaknesses.

1. You don't have work experience. Do you?
2. How will this course help you - Such a change from BioMedical Engineering to PGDCM?
3. Name a few successful entrepreneurs.
4. MBA is detrimental to being an entrepreneur - Comment.
5. Give an example of an entrepreneur who had MBA background.
6. What is the political scene in A.P.?
7. How is the congress placed?
8. Aren't the naxalites a political force?
9. Recently there was a vote in Canada. The result was 51 : 49. What was it about.


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