Personal Interview PI questions asked in IIM for B Sc computers

TAke a lookat some important PI questions asked in IIM interviews.
I have given questions according to background.
Interview lasted for 20 minutes, Educational Background: B.Sc.(Computer H/W)
1. Answer any three questions discussed outside the interview room.
a. Name any female Chief Ministers?
b. What is remote sensing used for?
2. What is the difference between B.Sc. hardware and Engineering Computers Science?
3. Ask yourself a question? (from the candidate's subjects)
(Questions mentioned by the student: How does a CD-ROM work?)
4. Now answer the question.
5. What is the difference between reflection and refraction? When does reflection take place and when refraction? (This
question was asked as a follow-up of the answer given by the candidate to the above question)
6. What is the speed of rotation of a CD-ROM?
7. What are tracks in the CD?
8. What do you think of the Miss World Beauty Pageant? What was the controversy about having it in India?
9. What is VDIS?
10. How much was declared and how much money was made?
11. What are your extra-curricular activities?
12. What is Liberation Theology?
13. Summarize the Movement. Which Indian leader quoted from this?
14. Is it possible to work in a company without giving up on your ethics?
15. Is Reliance a company with ethics?


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