IIMA PI questions for Engineers

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Engineer (Industrial & Production Engineering) at IIM-Ahmedabad interview.
1. What do you think of the GD? How did the group perform?
2. How was your performance? How do you rate yourself? Please do a fair analysis.
3. What is your final year project? Describe it.
4. How did Industrial and Production Engineering help you in this project?
5. What is ferrite?
6. What are the other structures of Iron?
7. What is tempering of steel?
8. What are various other heat treatment processes?
9. What are various layouts used in production? What is the difference between them?
10. Explain layouts used in B.S.P. (candidate had done a training at Bhilai Steel Plant).

11. Is production of wine a batch production or mass production system?
12. Do you drink wine?
13. What is Kinesis?
14. What is Congo? Why is it called Congo?
15. What does an Entrepreneur need to start a venture?
16. What are DFIs?
17. What is Venture Capital?
18. What is difference between an entrepreneur and a manager?
19. What is equity?
20. Name major stock exchanges in India?
21. How do you measure the performance of stock exchange?
22. What is OECD? Name its members?
23. What does S.G.S.I.T.S. stand for?
24. Why Industrial and Production Engineering? What options were available to you?
25. What is I. M. F. and World Bank?
26. What is approximate value of Sensex at present? When was it at its highest? When was it lowest?
27. Analyse us on the basis of body language.
28. What is the index of BSE? What is the index of NSE?


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