Gk pattern for various exams

Note: -Please note that the details given below are based on the 2003-2004 GK papers. The information given below is about only those exams, which will have GK in its entrance tests this year. No details are available at present about the SNAP TEST that is happening for the first time and will be the route to entrance to SCMHRD, which earlier used to have GK in its separate entrance test.
Classification of GK

Static GK : It has questions from History, Geography, Polity, Sports, Awards and Miscellaneous questions.
Current GK : It has questions from the current affairs which are based on three themes i.e. Persons, Places and Events relating to important current news.
Business GK : It has questions on Brands, Punch lines, CEO’s, Mergers & Acquisitions and other important current & static business information/news..

All the GK tests have questions from these three types of GK only.

Institute Number of GK Qs Static GK Current Affairs Business Awareness Specific Information
IRMA 60 Yes Yes No Emphasis on Socio-economic-cultural aspects mainly
XAT 60 Yes Yes Few Qs Spanning almost every topic and aspect of GK
IIFT 50 Yes Yes Few Qs Questions in this section are from Static, Current and Business GK also.

Sources of Studying:

1. Manorama Year Book 2004 OR Latest Manorama Year Book (whichever is available) ----- Specifically for Static and Current Affairs

2.GK Digest by Thorpe & Thorpe---- Specifically for Static and a little Current Affairs

3.Management Compass--- Specifically for Business Awareness and Current Awareness.

Further Details & Sample Questions :

In IRMA, a total of 60 questions of GK are asked. The most important thing to keep in mind while preparing is that many questions are asked related to RURAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIO and CULTURAL aspects of the country along with Static GK and Current GK based questions. To crack IRMA GK, you need to have a strong GK database regarding the rural India., latest economic data, constitution, geography and current affairs.

Sample Questions from last year’s paper

1. Which community was in the news for committing suicide ?
Ans:- Andhra Pradesh Farmers
2.Which class of farmers was given the Rs. 600cr package recently by the PM.?
Ans:-Sugarcane growers
3.The author of the Monetary & Financial Sector reforms in India :A central banker’s perspective is
Ans:- Y.V. Reddy
4.Most flood ravaged part of India in South East Asia is
5.The type of winds that bring rains
Ans:-South West Monsoons

60 questions are asked in this paper’s GK section. This paper also has a very fine blend of Static and Current GK with very few questions on Business awareness. Questions from History, Geography, Polity Awards, Books and Authors, Sports and Miscellaneous section are asked along with questions from the important current events TRADITIONALLY,but last year’s paper was quite different, it had questions based on quotations, management etc. ( which was completely a bolt from the blue!!) . You need a good level of Static as well as Current GK in order to crack the GK section along with some management based general knowledge also.

Sample Questions from last year’s paper :
1.City of God by Saint Augustine has a description regarding
Ans:- Rome

2.Who is known as the father of history?
Ans:- Herodotus

3.First woman PM of the world was
Ans:- Srimavo Banadaranaike

4.According to Goldman Sachs, in the year 2050 India will be the
Ans. Third largest economy of the world

5.What is the purpose of India Brand Equity Fund?
Ans:- To promote India and Indian brands overseas.

50 questions are asked in the GK section of this paper. The questions are mainly asked from the Static as well as Current GK with very little emphasis on the Business GK.

Sample Questions from last year’s paper :
1.The largest retailer in the world
Ans:- Wal –Mart

2.The president of NASSCOM
Ans:- Kiran Karnik

3. Winner of Durand Cup 2003
Ans:- Salgaocar Club ( Goa)

4. Orange is the name of the cellular service provider from
Ans:- Hutchison Max Telecom Ltd.

5. The name by which the Indica car is known as in U.K.
Ans:- City Rover

The above given information is based on the last year’s GK papers. Truly speaking, General Knowledge covers anything under the sun and you can expect questions from such a vast range also.


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