GD Topics actually asked in MBA CAT

India should not aspire to be a nuclear super power
Bureaucracy is root cause of India's social and economic problems.
Do B-Schools make business leaders or mere managers.
Note: The Candidates were asked to write the summary of the group discussion and after this candidates were asked to write answers for the following questions.
Describe an incident that has affected you the most.
The person who has influenced you the most in life and why?
Have you taken any coaching for the interview /GD process? If yes, mention the coaching institute.
If you would like to be associated closely with any person, what personality attributes would you look for in that person.

IIMC Admissions '99 - Delhi.
1. TV Commercials should be banned
2. Politics and economics go together
3. Winning is not the important thing, it is the only thing
IIMC Admissions '99 - Delhi.
Group discussions
1. It is all the fault of the politicians
2. We need more management schools than primary schools
3. The medium of teaching in schools should be English
IIMC Admissions '99 - Delhi.
1. Efficiency and corruption go hand in hand
2. Advanced mathematics is of no use in every day life
IIMC Admissions '99. Engineering
IIMC Admissions '99. GD Topics III
1. Welcome back socialism
2. To survive in a civilized world one needs to be a hypocrite

IIM - A Case study and Interview on 5/3/2001 and 6/3/2001

The case study was similar to the case study No: 17 and 18 of "My encounters".

Mechanical Engineers were asked on Milling, Lathe, CNC machines
Some candidates were asked about GDP, GNP and GDP of various countries. The currencies of various countries
The per capita income of various countries were asked
Members of ASEAN
Overall impression is the panel is trying to see if the candidate can keep his/her cool when questioned in areas totally different from their field of specialization
Group discussion topic and interview questions that were asked on 20/03/2001

Group Discussion:
Topic:Is corrupt but efficient politicians better than honest and in-efficient politicians.

Interview Questions:
Duration: 15 mins
General interview: The interviewers were checking the candidate on all these areas general awareness, hobbies, subject and work experience
Statistics questions like Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, Variance, Linear programming were asked.
Some candidates who have not attested the certificates were questioned on why they had not completed the formality and were given lesser time for interview.


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