Common Blunders in GD

Many intelligent candidates often commit some blunders like this. As they force them self to lead GD, this reflects in aggressiveness, some activities like banging
on the table, engaging in one to one discussion with another student, criticizing or passing arguments or comments to others.
It is considered that being aggressive can work for a leader or other people listen only a aggressive person. But aggressiveness in thinking is required not in behaviour. A firm & calm person always wins.

Lack of subject knowledge:
If you're not sure about data, qualify it with 'I think', 'approximately'. GD is not test of your memory it just test your understanding Details.

Try to avoid negative connotations like folding your arms across chest, having a cynical expression or word for even the good point proposed in GD, nervous gesture of your hands, legs, avoiding eye contact, speaking with your hand on mouth. analyze your self in daily life to avoid such points.

Unfocused Behavior:
Most people try to link data they know to the GD topic which irrelevant. Lots of candidates try to quote data. They try to impress examiner but examiner knows this trick . So presenting relevant data, quotes will only works for GDs.

Being highly Individualistic:
Individualistic is a virtue. But the future managers must have social skills, good communication. They can work with a group. So try to work with groups.

Listening skills:
You must be a good listener to be a good leader.


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