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Group Discussions & GD topics

After cracking the written test the next step is Group discussion & personal interview.
For those who who had heaved a sigh after test should remember there is some distance before you go get where you want to go. The time after test is not a time to relax or timepass but it is time to be best at your competitive skills.The GDs & PIs are far tougher than written tests. They test your presence of mind, depth of your knowledge, your communication skills & your ability to argue logically.
The topics of group discussion can be categorized as
Economic, Current affairs & political issues, Ethical & moral dilemmas,social issue, general topic.
The panel looks at three things How well a candidate presents his/her views on topic, How much originality he/she brings to discussion, The extent of students knowledge.
These are the general aspects but the in the heat of discussion students forget these basic points & start criticising personally.They shou…