Written Test Tactics For MBA CAT

Every question set in CAT has a set of directions associated with it. You need to make yourself comfortable with the directions as you progress through the study so that you do not waste time in concentrating on the directions. But at the same time, neglecting the directions can be dangerous. Every year some new types of question are added. Also some times the question type may be the same with different directions.
In a multiple choice test, the correct answers are already supplied to you. Your task is to ferret out right option from the 4 or 5 that have been printed on the paper. Sometimes logic can replace calculations in arriving at the right answer. To illustrate, if the question is what is the area of some fig., then you can work other way around &work out a logic as to why a particular option can be eliminated because it definitely can not be a correct answer for area of a fig. If you can use this logic to eliminate 4 out of the 5 options, then you have arrived at the right answer without any calculation. But even in cases where you can eliminate three options, you stand a good chance of still getting a net positive outcome in the specific question.
Most of the entrance tests, with the exception, of the MH-CET have negetive marking. In cases where there is no negeative marking, guesswork is advisable& acts to your great advantage. At least, you are not losing any thing at the end of it. There is no point in leaving any answer blank. But in cases of negeative marking, you have to weigh the risk. Negative marks for CAT 2006 were -1/4 marks per incorrect answer.


  1. Actually i want to know GD topic and PI questions which is generally ask in CAT and MH-CET xam.

  2. Actually i want to know GD topic and PI questions which is generally ask in CAT and MH-CET xam.

  3. Pals help me with CAT. I need materials too.mail me at aus23sivaram@gmail.com


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