Written test strategy for MBA CAT

Written tests for MBA are designed to test a aspirants on a specific set of skills. Most management institutes try to assess you on communication, analytical & decision making skills. Vocabulary & reading skills are used in the MBA written test to measure your effectiveness in communication. Basic mathematics of class X, with problems that focus on applying simple concepts in relatively complex situation are used to judge your analytical skills.
If the overall test design is such that one gets less than a minute to answer one question. In such a scenario the expectation is that the candidate will judiciously select question & will allocate time in such a manner to maximise the score. That's what your decision making skill.

The first thing that you should remember in solving a CAT paper is that overall scores are most important. Having some idea of your own strengths should tell you what question you are most comfortable with. Spend as much time as possible on question where you are confident of scoring the most marks in the least amount of time. That's Time management.
The order of attempting different sections, if such a choice is available to you in the test, should depend on a strategy designed to boost your morale & score in the test. You may be a person who likes to crack the tough nuts before you move on the easier one Or you may like to get easier ones & then go to tough ones. But if you are not sure in which category you belong to then you have to experiment on both ways & see what delivers you better result. This is the only way you can evolve your style.
With the test like CAT the philosophy seems to be to make some amount of change in the paper every year. While in CAT 2006therewere questions with same weightage, CAT 2005 had questions with different weightages. The number of questions was only 90 in CAT 2005 & 123 in CAT 2004. A part of the preparation for exam like CAT should include some amount of planning for surprise changes.


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