Selecting The Right Institute

After having decided to go in for MBA, one of the first decision that requires some hard thinking is about which Business School to apply to. In selecting a B-School you need to look at placement records, the ranking, the faculty, the infrastructure & the fees.
CAT alone has more than 50 institutes affiliated to it. The XLRI Admission Test(XAT) has 10 institutes affiliated to it. Apply to a college that meets your interests & requirement & also where you have a good chances of being selected. Note that some colleges have special requirement related to background experience. Talk to your college seniors who have been accepted to these institutes.

Here are some thumb rules, which can help you make a choice.

  1. Do not apply to sectoral MBA courses e.g. IIFT, IRMA, IIFM, NITIE, XLRI or TISS unless you are keen on making your career in that field. These institutes, though top rated in their particular area, do not give you the flexibility of switching over to other fields after your MBA.

  2. Do not go by popular opinion of standing of different institutes. Also do not apply only to top institutes.A sensible strategy to adopt is to apply to 6 to 10 good institutes which suits your academic profile, preparation status, total budget, area of specialization & whether you are having work ex. or not.These things are being emphasized here 'cause certain MBA institutes have shown a discernible preference for certain type of candidates over others.Besides, the total educational cost of an MBA are steadily rising, making one thing twice before applying ta particular institutes. However this needs no bother you at his stages, because plenty of loans/scholarships & free ships are available once you get selected. In fact, IIMs have a clear cut policy of not sending back anybody on ground of inability to pay fees.

  3. Do not bother unduly about the nomenclature of the certification of the institutes.Under UGC act only university gives you degree, which an autonomous institute can not.


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  2. Ya good instructions.

  3. can you tell rankings of MBA institutes in india.


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