The Graduate Management Admission test is a standerdise test that helps B-schools abroad assess the qualification of applicants for advanced study in business & management.
There are 2 mcq sections (Quantitative & verbal) & an essay section called Analytical Writing Assessmet.
Quntitative Section
No of questions 37
time allotted 75min
PS questions 24
D.S. questions 13

no of questions 41
time alloted 75 min
RC 13 questions.
Sentence correction 13questions.
critical reasoning 14 questions.

Analytical Writing Assessment:
The test taker has to write 2 essays in 30min each.

It is very differnt & rather unique in its character.
What does GMAT tests
Their objective is to test whether student has specific skills sets or abilities which they believe is a must for the education that student is pursuing & for this they have standerdised exam.
GMAT requires u to know limited number of basic concepts & to apply them.

Speed, approach & accuracy are key to crack CAT.
For CAT one should know extensive theory & almost all concepts. you have to pick & choose certain areas that you are master of because of time limitations. Many steps of complex calculations required.
What Does CAT Tests?
Your logical & verbal abilities through type of questions.
Your ability to make strategy for format of test, sectional cut-offs, differential marking & time constraints.:-)


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