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Hi friends. Here I am going to write some personal about my visit to italy. Rome a beautiful city, a historical city. When I visited colosseum in rome that was a unforgotable moment for me. The colosseum is a witness of Roman history. The colosseum is a witness of worlds greatest Empire, where the Democracy pioneered. This colosseum is one of the New seven wonders of the world.In 68AD Emperor Nero died and with him the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Vespasian, was made emperor by the Senate in the following year and decided the city needed a new amphitheatre. Just like a modern politician, such gestures simultaneously pleased the populace and would (hopefully) leave a lasting monument to the emperor's greatness. Well maybe. The city's first amphitheatre in stone had been built in 29BC by Statilius Taurus, but Caligula (12-41AD) had adjudged it too small and started building his own. Claudius succeeded Caligula and immediately halted his grand plan. And when Nero ruled Rome he eschewed the Statilius arena and made plans for his own, to be built in the Campus Martis. A magnificent building by all accounts, but razed in the fire that swept Rome in 64AD.So Rome needed a new arena and a line drawn under the profligate and acquisitive rule of Nero, who had built a personal empire in the heart of Rome, taking public land to build his palace, the Domus Area. Very impressive it was too, with a vast artificial lake in the parklands of Nero's residence, but Vespasian elected to make a gift of the land back to the people of Rome - a gesture of reconciliation after the excesses of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. The wisest Roman rulers always realised that the Emperors were ultimately elected (not gods) and that they ruled by the consent of the populace. Remarkably it took only 10 years to built the arena. Remarkable because this was one of the most impressive pieces of architecture the world had seen. A good place to book your hotels, hotels in italy
Other place to visit in Rome is Trevi Fountain. It is a not a mere sculpture more than that it is magic of water in Rome.

You can already hear its presence from the nearby streets. Indeed, as you get nearer the sound of its gushing waters grows constantly more intense, reaching a crescendo in the square, where you will find the most breathtaking sight. Suddenly, the space seems to open out and you stand before a symbolic representation of this great force of nature, a tumultuous spring that seems to flow out of the ground.

Piazza del Duomo in Pisa italy houses a group of monuments known the world over.
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This museum is situated in an imposing palace designed by Massari on the Canal Grande, right opposite Ca Rezzonico. For hotels in venice venice hotels


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