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Gk pattern for various exams

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Note: -Please note that the details given below are based on the 2003-2004 GK papers. The information given below is about only those exams, which will have GK in its entrance tests this year. No details are available at present about the SNAP TEST that is happening for the first time and will be the route to entrance to SCMHRD, which earlier used to have GK in its separate entrance test.
Classification of GK

Static GK : It has questions from History, Geography, Polity, Sports, Awards and Miscellaneous questions.
Current GK : It has questions from the current affairs which are based on three themes i.e. Persons, Places and Events relating to important current news.
Business GK : It has questions on Brands, Punch lines, CEO’s, Mergers & Acquisitions and other important current & static business information/news..

All the GK tests have questions from these three types of GK only.

Institute Number of GK Qs Static GK Current Affairs Business Awareness Specific …

Evaluation parameters for GD

parameter Weightage

1.Strength of point 40 points
2.New point 10 points
3.Building upon existing point 5 points
4.Rephrasing existing point 5 points
5.Rationale explained behind point 5 points
6.Quality of example given 5 points
7.Quality of initiative shown 5 points
8.teamwork 5 points
9.Body Language 20 points
10.Style of sitting 5 points
11.Eye contact while speaking 5 points
12. Movement of hands 5 points
13.listening style 5 points
14.Assertiveness 20 points
15.Communication Skills 20 points
16.Comman over language 10 points
17.Clarity of voice 10 points

Common Blunders in GD

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Many intelligent candidates often commit some blunders like this. As they force them self to lead GD, this reflects in aggressiveness, some activities like banging
on the table, engaging in one to one discussion with another student, criticizing or passing arguments or comments to others.
It is considered that being aggressive can work for a leader or other people listen only a aggressive person. But aggressiveness in thinking is required not in behaviour. A firm & calm person always wins.

Lack of subject knowledge:
If you're not sure about data, qualify it with 'I think', 'approximately'. GD is not test of your memory it just test your understanding Details.

Try to avoid negative connotations like folding your arms across chest, having a cynical expression or word for even the good point proposed in GD, nervous gesture of your hands, legs, avoiding eye contact, speaking with your hand on mouth. analyze your self i…


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Openin a GD is high risk high return strategy. Mostly the opening speaker get much time to prsent his point, reason is thet the other members will still be trying to understand basic issues of the subject, or are too nervous to speak & waiting someone else to start. So he evaluators get best chance to observe opening speaker. This is like a double edged sword, if the opening speaker talks sense then he will get good points as he started the GD & took group to right direction. But if there is less or no sense then he will attract attention of the evaluators to his shortcomings. He will be marked as a person who speak without thinking.
Identifying the best time to enter a GD is also a skill you should develop. In a GD where one or more members are speaking loudly it becomes difficult for others to get a chance to speak. This is frequent problem encountered by participants. There is no exact solution for it. but you can try some tips below
Every G…

Strategies for IIM GD-1

In this session I will tell you what really works for GD. How should you set your mind for GDs.

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When prposing a idea in GD, your proposal should be structured & symmetrically put across to others in group. you must be very clear in your communication & thinking. Your charm & command over language works for you but after that it is simply your intelligence. After proposing idea you can ask question related to your point which can give you to think about another points, ideas. The group discussion is a systematic process, once you can handle it there is no need to you to use any techniques like shounting or hammering your fist on table.
Group discussion is like your daily discussion with your friends about any movie or event. So be your natural self in GDs. Don't be artificial while GD. Face GD like a routine situation so that you will not be nervous.
The GD's are participating of every member with good points on issue. You must speak in GD,…

Some common questions in mind for IIM GD

Every CAT aspirant has some common misconceptions about IIM GDs. Some questions like how many times should I speak? or strarting a GD gives me an advantage, like that, bother us every time & intimidate ourselves.
So to guide you on these issues I strarted GD special for my this blog.
Some FEQs regarding GDs are

How many times should I speak in a GD?
It is not important to the examiner how many times you spoke but he evaluates by what you speak, did your words make sense, does it adds some thing to GD topic, do you changed the course of GD to some important points about topic. If you speak only at once concerning above points then it is sufficient.

Starrting a GD gives me an advantage?
Firstly I must say there is no panic if you can not start GD. only one person can strat GD; that does not mean others are not so good. But if you start GD properly it definitely it definitely give some good points to you.

I must speak for the issue or against issue?
Wrong, Most of people conclude GD befor…

Some case study & Interview questions asked in IIMA

IIM-A Case Study and Interview Questions asked on 2/03/2001

IIM-A Case Study (Duration 5 + 15 minutes)

Panel size : 3 members
Number of Participants = 9 - 10

Mr. Ashok is the Technical Manager of a firm. He has given an order for a forging press to a contractor. The Contractor calls up Mr. Ashok and tells him that Forging Press is ready and can bring the cheque and collect the Forging Press.
Mr. Ashok's boss, the Senior Manager directs Mr. Ashok to cancel the order immediately. What is Mr. Ashok to do?

Interview Questions

Duration 20 - 25 minutes
Panel size : 3

1) Subject Knowledge
2) How could you describe your stream to a layman?
3) Questions based on that day's Newspaper
4) Why some students did not ask for financial assistance
5) Budget

IIM-A Case Study and Interview Questions asked on 2/03/2001

IIM-A Case Study (Duration 5 + 15 minutes)

Panel size : 3 members
Number of Participants = 9 - 10

Mr. Ashok is the Technical Manager of a firm. He has given an order for a forging press to a co…

IIMA PI questions for Engineers

Answer questions in comment box
Engineer (Industrial & Production Engineering) at IIM-Ahmedabad interview.
1. What do you think of the GD? How did the group perform?
2. How was your performance? How do you rate yourself? Please do a fair analysis.
3. What is your final year project? Describe it.
4. How did Industrial and Production Engineering help you in this project?
5. What is ferrite?
6. What are the other structures of Iron?
7. What is tempering of steel?
8. What are various other heat treatment processes?
9. What are various layouts used in production? What is the difference between them?
10. Explain layouts used in B.S.P. (candidate had done a training at Bhilai Steel Plant).

11. Is production of wine a batch production or mass production system?
12. Do you drink wine?
13. What is Kinesis?
14. What is Congo? Why is it called Congo?
15. What does an Entrepreneur need to start a venture?
16. What are DFIs?
17. What is Venture Capital?
18. What is difference between an entrepreneur and a manager…

Some PI questions asked in XLRI

Post your answers in comment box.
1. Tell me about yourself. What traits do you have which will help in your career in management?
2. How is L&T different from family business? (The student's family has L&T dealership)
3. What do you want to specialise in? Why? In any set up, is not marketing very important?
4. If you don't get XLRI, would you be very disappointed? After XLRI, will you work? How long?
5. What is the aim of your business? If it is not "only money", what else? How big id it?
6. Is there a forum for redressal labour disputes in your business?
7. Businessmen are not ethical. What do you think. How would you deal with it?
8. Government scheme of giving bonds for declaring black money. Do you think it works?
9. If you were the Finance Minister, what would you do? Tax laws?
10. What do you want in life?
1. How do you pronounce your name?
2. What does your name mean?
3. Tell us something about yourself.
4. Do you think you can work u…

PGDCM PI questions asked in IIM

1. Why PGDCM?
2. If you are so interested in computers, tell us a few areas in which computers are used in Mechanical Engineering?
3. Specific examples?
4. Explain the procedure of designing a heat exchanger using CAD/CAM. What are the Input parameters and output p Parameters?
5. In welding, give specific example where computers are used?
6. In FORTRAN, how are nested DO loops work?
7. Which area in mathematics do you like? OR?
8. Write an LP problem? Produce a graphical solution. Why is it called an LP?
9. Write down Baye's theorem. Difference between conditional and joint probability?
10. You have not mentioned hobbies/extracurricular activities in your application form. What do you do in your free time?
11. Give two strengths and two weaknesses.

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1. You don't have work experience. Do you?
2. How will this course help you - Such a change from BioMedical Engineering to PGDCM?
3. Name a few successful entrepreneurs.
4. MBA is detri…

Some random PI questions

Interview lasted for approximately 25 min.
1. What is your mother?
2. What are your subjects in graduation?
3. What is Management Accountancy?
4. What is GDP of India? (Convert it in rupees)?
5. What is mean, median, mode?
6. What are measures of dispersion?
7. Is "Range" a measure of dispersion?
8. Name three people (famous ticket collectors) in sports? (This student was working as a ticket collector in Indian Railways at the time of this interview)
9. Define variable cost in Accounts and Economics.

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1. Which Mughal attacked Hyderabad?
2. What is unique about the Salarjung Museum?
3. Looking at the way names of places are being changed, suggest a name for Hyderabad.
4. You are planning to leave your course half way through and join IIMA, what is the guarantee that you would not leave I IIMA? (the student was already doing MBA from Osmania University at the time of the interview)
5. What is this 'Management institute in Hyderabad' yo…

IIM PI questions for B. Com Hons

Interview lasted for 20-25 minutes, Educational Background : B.Com (Hons.)
1. Why are you not doing C.A.? Don't you consider that as a career alternative?
2. Do you think a B.Com (Hons) Degree will be enough if you do not make it into Management?
3. Let's take up your subjects in Degree What subjects did you have?
4. About International Trade (one of the subjects mentioned by the student) - What do you understand by the comparative a advantage theory?
5. What do you mean by 'consideration'? Give an example.
6. Where is the Loss from Profit & Loss Account put in the company's Balance Sheet and why?
7. As a layman, what would you look for in a company's Balance Sheet?
8. If you were to become an employee, what would you see in the company's Balance Sheet?
9. What do you mean by Break Even Point? How is it calculated?
10. What are the different types of taxes an individual pays?
11. What are the implications of wealth tax?
12. Is dividend on shares ta…

Personal Interview PI questions asked in IIM for B Sc computers

TAke a lookat some important PI questions asked in IIM interviews.
I have given questions according to background.
Interview lasted for 20 minutes, Educational Background: B.Sc.(Computer H/W)
1. Answer any three questions discussed outside the interview room.
a. Name any female Chief Ministers?
b. What is remote sensing used for?
2. What is the difference between B.Sc. hardware and Engineering Computers Science?
3. Ask yourself a question? (from the candidate's subjects)
(Questions mentioned by the student: How does a CD-ROM work?)
4. Now answer the question.
5. What is the difference between reflection and refraction? When does reflection take place and when refraction? (This
question was asked as a follow-up of the answer given by the candidate to the above question)
6. What is the speed of rotation of a CD-ROM?
7. What are tracks in the CD?
8. What do you think of the Miss World Beauty Pageant? What was the controversy about having it in India?
9. What is VDIS?
10. How much …

Some GD topics with discription for IIM CAT

1. Are we raising a generation of burnt out children?(IIMB)
* The reason for pushing the children hard today is to nurture them to face the competitive world tomorrow.
* Developing talent is not a sin, it will help the child in his future.
* It is a trickle down effect from the kind of competition experienced for entry into engineering colleges, graduation and others.
* The basic needs of childhood are, time to play, place to play and explore the world through his eyes.
* In the name of competition we are raising fatigues children.
* The stress is resulting into children engaging in all kinds of derogative acts.
2. Advertising is all glitter and little truth.(MICA)
* Advertising is a business and not charity. Companies hire advertisers for their promoting their products and it is not vice versa.
* Advertisers have to depict what the customers like, enjoy keeping in mind the clients requirements.
* As the products increase and so the ads, glitter is a way to ensure brand recall, …

GD Topics actually asked in MBA CAT

India should not aspire to be a nuclear super power
Bureaucracy is root cause of India's social and economic problems.
Do B-Schools make business leaders or mere managers.
Note: The Candidates were asked to write the summary of the group discussion and after this candidates were asked to write answers for the following questions.
Describe an incident that has affected you the most.
The person who has influenced you the most in life and why?
Have you taken any coaching for the interview /GD process? If yes, mention the coaching institute.
If you would like to be associated closely with any person, what personality attributes would you look for in that person.

IIMC Admissions '99 - Delhi.
1. TV Commercials should be banned
2. Politics and economics go together
3. Winning is not the important thing, it is the only thing
IIMC Admissions '99 - Delhi.
Group discussions
1. It is all the fault of the politicians
2. We need more management schools than primary schools
3. The medium of teaching i…

Group Discussions & GD topics

After cracking the written test the next step is Group discussion & personal interview.
For those who who had heaved a sigh after test should remember there is some distance before you go get where you want to go. The time after test is not a time to relax or timepass but it is time to be best at your competitive skills.The GDs & PIs are far tougher than written tests. They test your presence of mind, depth of your knowledge, your communication skills & your ability to argue logically.
The topics of group discussion can be categorized as
Economic, Current affairs & political issues, Ethical & moral dilemmas,social issue, general topic.
The panel looks at three things How well a candidate presents his/her views on topic, How much originality he/she brings to discussion, The extent of students knowledge.
These are the general aspects but the in the heat of discussion students forget these basic points & start criticising personally.They shou…

CET Common Entrance Test

CET exam for MBA & MMS programmes in Maharashtra. There are some good institutes like JBIMS, WELINGKAR, K. J. SOMAIYA accepting the score of cet. The total test duration is 150 min & total no. of questions are 200.
Test Structure:
verbal ability 38 questions. IT is about 19% of entire test. In this section some of typical types are
Mark the error:
in this set of 5 questions, one was expected(2006 paper) to choose which part of sentence had an error. The error would be an inappropriate word or a spelling mistake.

Sentence Correction:
a part of sentence is highlighted which is to be corrected.
Jumble paragraph, Synonyms/antonyms, feel in the blanks, Odd Man out, Anagrams are some types asked in this verbal ability section.

Verbal reasoning There are 20 questions in this section. Some commonly asked types are Syllogisms, Course of action, Implicit Assumption, probably/ definitely true.

There are total 15 questions. The average length of passage was 500 words.
Logical r…

Alert CAT 2007 aspirants

CAT not only changed it self quantitavely but also qualitively. Initially the question used to test basic concepts; now they also test once reasoning skills.The total number of questions has been reduced, the difficulty level has increased.
subject-wise no. of question in english has decreased. Before 1998 english has 50% importance. Now english has only 1/3 importance. Now CAT tests students ability to think.
Subject-wise change

Verbal section: In this section from 1992 to 1994 no of question was 95, 90, 85 respectively. From 1995 to 1998 it remained 100.After 1998 they reduced the no of questions. In 1999 that was 80. In 2000 that was 65 & in 2001 it was 50, from 2001 to 2004 it was 50. In 2005 it was 35.From this you can easily get that the weightage of verbal section has reduced from 50% to 1/3 of CAT paper.

Problem Solving: From 1992 to 1995 the no. of question in this section was 45 to 50. In 96, 97 it was around 50 to 55. From 1998 to 2001 it has raised from 40 to 60 wi…

Test centre & imp dates for CAT 2007 exam

Ahmedabad , Bangalore , Bhopal , Bhubaneswar , Chandigarh , Chennai , Coimbatore , Delhi , Gurgaon , Guwahati , Hyderabad , Indore , Jaipur , Jamshedpur, Kolkata , Kozhikode , Lucknow , Mumbai , Nagpur , Noida , Patna , Pune ,Varanasi

Test Date: NOVEMBER 18, 2007Test Timings: 10.00am to 1.00pm- Issue of CAT Bulletins by UTI Bank/Vijaya Bank STARTS : JULY 16, 2007 - Issue of CAT Bulletins by UTI Bank/Vijaya Bank ENDS : AUGUST 16, 2007 - Issue of CAT Bulletins by IIMs ENDS : AUGUST 20, 2007 - Last date for receiving the completed CAT Application Forms at the IIMs: SEPTEMBER 8, 2007

Common Admission Test 2007, CAT 2007 will be held on Sunday, November , 2007.

CAT 2007 Important Dates for Session beginning June-July 2007 Last date for receipt of completed CAT 2007 - Applications September, 2007 Dispatch dates for Admit Cards - October, 2007 Date after which IIM should be contacted In case of non receipt of Admit Card - November, 2007 Common Admission Test 2007 - November 2007 Eligibility The minimum requirements for almost all institutes to seek admission to their Master's Degree / Post-Graduate Diploma in Management are : · A Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) in any discipline, with at least 50% aggregate marks (45% for reserved categories) OR Appearing at the final-year examination of a post 10+2 course. of minimum three years' duration, leading to an award of a Bachelor's Degree, in any discipline of a statutory university in India (so recognised by the Association of Indian Universities) OR Post-Graduate applicants having at least 50% marks (45% for reserved categories) in either their Bachelor's or Post-Graduate Deg…

List of Non IIM Institutes accepting CAT Ranking

1 AICAR Business School MUMBAI 2. Alliance Business Academy BANGALORE 3 Amrita Institute of Management COIMBATORE 4. Aravali Institute of Management JODHPUR 5 Asia-Pacific Institute of Management NEW DELHI 6. EMPI Business School NEW DELHI 7 EMPI Institute of Advertising, Communication and Management NEW DELHI 8 Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University VARANASI 9 Fore School of Management NEW DELHI 10 Foundation for Organizational Research and Education- School of Management NEW DELHI 11 GIDC Rajju Shroff Rofel Institute of Management Studies VAPI 12 Global Business School NEW DELHI 13 Globsyn Business School CALCUTTA 14 Goa University PANAJI 15 Indian Institute of Forest Management BHOPAL 16 Indian Institute of Science and Management RANCHI 17 Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management CALCUTTA 18 Indian School of Mines DHANBAD 19 Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology HYDERABAD 20 Institute for Financial Management & Researc…


The Graduate Management Admission test is a standerdise test that helps B-schools abroad assess the qualification of applicants for advanced study in business & management.
There are 2 mcq sections (Quantitative & verbal) & an essay section called Analytical Writing Assessmet.
Quntitative Section
No of questions 37
time allotted 75min
PS questions 24
D.S. questions 13

no of questions 41
time alloted 75 min
RC 13 questions.
Sentence correction 13questions.
critical reasoning 14 questions.

Analytical Writing Assessment:
The test taker has to write 2 essays in 30min each.

It is very differnt & rather unique in its character.
What does GMAT tests
Their objective is to test whether student has specific skills sets or abilities which they believe is a must for the education that student is pursuing & for this they have standerdised exam.
GMAT requires u to know limited number of basic concepts & to apply them.

Speed, approach &…

The MBA CAT changes its Pattern

The MBA CAT changes its question pattern over years. The number of questions has been reduced & the type of question are quite same. If you look at CAT history, in CAT 1992, there were 4 sections of 175 questions. In CAT 1995 the number of questions increased to 185. In CAT 1996 the number of sections was reduced to 2 & number of questions remained same. In CAT 1999, the pattern again changed, with 3 sections & 165 question. In 2004 number reduced to 123 & diffirent marking was introduced. In CAT 2005, CAT brought down the number number of question drastically to 90.

Written Test Tactics For MBA CAT

Every question set in CAT has a set of directions associated with it. You need to make yourself comfortable with the directions as you progress through the study so that you do not waste time in concentrating on the directions. But at the same time, neglecting the directions can be dangerous. Every year some new types of question are added. Also some times the question type may be the same with different directions.
In a multiple choice test, the correct answers are already supplied to you. Your task is to ferret out right option from the 4 or 5 that have been printed on the paper. Sometimes logic can replace calculations in arriving at the right answer. To illustrate, if the question is what is the area of some fig., then you can work other way around &work out a logic as to why a particular option can be eliminated because it definitely can not be a correct answer for area of a fig. If you can use this logic to eliminate 4 out of the 5 options, then you have arrived at the right …

Written test strategy for MBA CAT

Written tests for MBA are designed to test a aspirants on a specific set of skills. Most management institutes try to assess you on communication, analytical & decision making skills. Vocabulary & reading skills are used in the MBA written test to measure your effectiveness in communication. Basic mathematics of class X, with problems that focus on applying simple concepts in relatively complex situation are used to judge your analytical skills.
If the overall test design is such that one gets less than a minute to answer one question. In such a scenario the expectation is that the candidate will judiciously select question & will allocate time in such a manner to maximise the score. That's what your decision making skill.

The first thing that you should remember in solving a CAT paper is that overall scores are most important. Having some idea of your own strengths should tell you what question you are most comfortable with. Spend as much time as possible on question wh…

Selecting The Right Institute

After having decided to go in for MBA, one of the first decision that requires some hard thinking is about which Business School to apply to. In selecting a B-School you need to look at placement records, the ranking, the faculty, the infrastructure & the fees.
CAT alone has more than 50 institutes affiliated to it. The XLRI Admission Test(XAT) has 10 institutes affiliated to it. Apply to a college that meets your interests & requirement & also where you have a good chances of being selected. Note that some colleges have special requirement related to background experience. Talk to your college seniors who have been accepted to these institutes.

Here are some thumb rules, which can help you make a choice.

Do not apply to sectoral MBA courses e.g. IIFT, IRMA, IIFM, NITIE, XLRI or TISS unless you are keen on making your career in that field. These institutes, though top rated in their particular area, do not give you the flexibility of switching over to other fields after your…


THE SECTION ON REASONING: Reasoning is one of the important Test areas in CAT and other MBA entrance exams.
In CAT, it has been appearing along with DI and DS in one section, whereas in most other MBA entrance exams, Reasoning
appears as a separate section altogether.

What you need to crack Reasoning questions

(1) A sound knowledge of the fundamentals: Whatever be the concept on which a question is based, a good grasp of the
basic rules or methodology is the most important prerequisite to solve the question. For handling questions based on
deductions, the candidate should be well versed with the basic rules of logic, syllogism, the distribution table and the
Venn diagrams approach. Similarly, for handling questions based on connectives, a
knowledge of implications is a must. To crack questions based on analytical reasoning, a knowledge of how to make an
arrangement and an acquaintance with a variety of problems is indispensable.
(2) The correct approach: While solving problems, it is important …

Visit to italy

Hi friends. Here I am going to write some personal about my visit to italy. Rome a beautiful city, a historical city. When I visited colosseum in rome that was a unforgotable moment for me. The colosseum is a witness of Roman history. The colosseum is a witness of worlds greatest Empire, where the Democracy pioneered. This colosseum is one of the New seven wonders of the world.In 68AD Emperor Nero died and with him the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Vespasian, was made emperor by the Senate in the following year and decided the city needed a new amphitheatre. Just like a modern politician, such gestures simultaneously pleased the populace and would (hopefully) leave a lasting monument to the emperor's greatness. Well maybe. The city's first amphitheatre in stone had been built in 29BC by Statilius Taurus, but Caligula (12-41AD) had adjudged it too small and started building his own. Claudius succeeded Caligula and immediately halted his grand plan. And when Nero ruled Rome he eschewe…

How to prepare quantitative section of CAT exam

How to prepare for Quant?
1. Start early: Unlike engineering or degree exams, success in CAT can’t be guaranteed by last minute mugging up
of formulae. An aspiring candidate should give himself a time period of at least 6 months. The first 4 months
should be devoted to brushing up fundamentals and concepts in different areas. This can be achieved by practicing
a good variety of questions in different areas. The last two months should be devoted to analysis and consolidation.

2. Preparation of topics in Quant: Topics like Numbers, Geometry, Mensuration, Time and Work, Time, Speed
and Distance contribute heavily to this section. One must go through all the different concepts in each of these
topics and solve a variety of questions related to each concept.
3. Improving speed of calculation: 80% of the time is spent on cracking the concept in any question, 20% is spent
on calculation. To ensure speedier calculation, everyday in the morning (for at least five days a week), one must
practice calculat…