National Aptitute Test 2009 by SRDE-SAHEI

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Hello Friends,
How are you preparing for next CAT-2009? Well I am gonna tell you about some other exam for higher education. NAT is common entrance cum aptitude test conducted by Society for Research & Development in Education (SRDE), Delhi. NAT is for UG & PG level for various Management and Allied programs at the UG and PG levels. NAT is for only to provide a common platform for entrance to various participating Institution's Management and Allied programmes.
The test is objective type using OMR technology as used in various exams like CAT, MH-CET. The test takers scores will be supplied to the opted-participating institutes seeking admission in the respective programme. A minimum of 5 such options will be provided to each applicant. However, applicant can request SRDE for supply of scores to additional institutions by submitting a formal request in the prescribed proforma. The students may be asked by the concerned institution to appear for couns…

IIM Case analysis case study

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Case analysis is one of the hurdle to be tackled in second stage of the admission process for MBA in IIM after CAT exam, IIM-A, L being significant one.
Skills for case study
A case study, just like a group discussion, is designed to assess certain group performance skills of a individual.The difference stems from the fact that a case study a larger & slightly different skill set as compared to a normal group discussion. The following is a list of special traits, which a evaluator look while assessing a IIM aspirant.

1. Analytical Skills
The core competence of an MBA is analysis of situation breaking down data, formulating it into a pattern that makes sense & deriving a sensible conclusion or recommendation. You should display this skil through efficient, targeted & accurate piecing together of the data while wrestling the group towards a solution to the case. After self analysis you should clearly & logically present the findings & recommendai…

English Vocab Game

Friends we will start some kinda of english vocab game. English vocab is very important in CAT exam. Many of aspirants scored 100% in maths but 0 in english. So make your vocab grow. Here I will post some words & their meaning, but the last 3 words are not with meaning. One of reader give their meanings in comments & ask another three words. Likewise other person should give meaning & ask some words.
Referendum:- vote
incumbent:- officeholder
temporal:- for a limited time.
give meanings of
1. rapacious

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Some sample GDs with arguments & counter arguments

Then friends, are trying hard for CAT or not? I am giving away lots of tips for cat which I know & read in various books. In this article we will take a GD topic, I will give arguments & counter arguments, you think over it, if you do have some points just tell me in comments, justify your points & if you want me to reply you leave back your email id.
A good discussion will try to arrive at a solution thet shows balance. You need to demonstrate your understanding of the issue from more than one perspective alone. The conclusion at the end should indicate a filtration of more relevant issues & recommendation for policies/ changes that can be made in current system.

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Tip to increase scope of your thinking:
Read a lot is only mantra to improve knowledge, speed of reading, understanding & interpreting given passage. Reading books will help you to get writers views, perceptions, thinking. But when you read a novel don't just read it for sake of …

Hey come back with maths

Gk pattern for various exams

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Note: -Please note that the details given below are based on the 2003-2004 GK papers. The information given below is about only those exams, which will have GK in its entrance tests this year. No details are available at present about the SNAP TEST that is happening for the first time and will be the route to entrance to SCMHRD, which earlier used to have GK in its separate entrance test.
Classification of GK

Static GK : It has questions from History, Geography, Polity, Sports, Awards and Miscellaneous questions.
Current GK : It has questions from the current affairs which are based on three themes i.e. Persons, Places and Events relating to important current news.
Business GK : It has questions on Brands, Punch lines, CEO’s, Mergers & Acquisitions and other important current & static business information/news..

All the GK tests have questions from these three types of GK only.

Institute Number of GK Qs Static GK Current Affairs Business Awareness Specific …

Evaluation parameters for GD

parameter Weightage

1.Strength of point 40 points
2.New point 10 points
3.Building upon existing point 5 points
4.Rephrasing existing point 5 points
5.Rationale explained behind point 5 points
6.Quality of example given 5 points
7.Quality of initiative shown 5 points
8.teamwork 5 points
9.Body Language 20 points
10.Style of sitting 5 points
11.Eye contact while speaking 5 points
12. Movement of hands 5 points
13.listening style 5 points
14.Assertiveness 20 points
15.Communication Skills 20 points
16.Comman over language 10 points
17.Clarity of voice 10 points